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Sugar Plum Festival 2013
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Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Latest Creation - aNNe BoLeyN - 29 to go!

Well, I'm starting off to a slow start, I know.

I've been ill with a flu bug that stayed with me for 2 weeks, helping me to realize just how old I really am.

While I was at home sick I stopped taking my acid reducer and allergy pills due to my stomach being upset, no big deal right? (so I thought) WRONG!

I ended up getting even more sicker, my sinuses filled up - the acid in my stomach started eating the lining of my stomach.

Went to Urgent Care due to chest pain and lack of food and liquid (I could not eat or drink anything without wanting to hurl).

Alas the doctor informed me that these medications that I hadn't been taking are necessary for my well being, and will be so FOREVER. That "...due to my age, in order to feel better and live, these medications have to be taken everyday no matter what".

I cannot believe I've reached an age where my body has become dependent on medications - especially in order to live healthy or 'happily'.

Man, was I mad - why doesn't he just come out and say it...


Anyway - back to biz..

Finished Anne Boleyn yesterday -
My second Anne Boleyn (but no 2 are alike!)

 I added more 'blood' and goo this time!
 Her hair wispy, as if floating!
 Even though her husband rejected her and ordered her to be beheaded, she still holds her head up high!
Poor, sweet Anne Boleyn
To the king she had lost her heart
Not knowing that he would choose
For her body and her head to come apart

She gave the king all she had
But in the end she still lost her head
Poor, sweet Anne Boleyn
Loved in vain for now she is dead

by Traci Paynter (me!)

Anne Boleyn will be a 'lady in waiting' for Sugar Plum's October's show!

29 dolls to go!

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