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Monday, February 6, 2012

English ONLY Petition - SIGN TODAY - Pass Along!

Make English our official language...
sign this petition

Ya know - I love America - my ancestors loved America so much, they travelled across the Atlantic in a boat filled with Italian, Irish, and Scottish immigrants - they couldn't wait to become Americans, to become assets to this country (not draining it dry like the illegals do now).

Right off the boat, my relatives from Sicily stood in line to be immunized and to be recorded in a book that still bears their names at Ellis Island. To become an American was a complete honor to each of them, their loyalty was fully committed to the United States of America, not to Italy - and each one of them strived to become better individuals, to be a part of making this country even stronger.

Growing up, from what I understand, my grandmother, aunts, and uncles, weren't allowed to speak Italian, english was to be priority - it wasn't that my grandfather denounced his Italian heritage, and he had no intention for us to forsake our Italian heritage either - BUT becoming an American was so high in value to him that he did not expect anyone to cater to his needs, but to become one of many Americans taking in and celebrating it's traditions, abiding by it's rules and laws, and to claim America as his home in every way shape and form - and he expected the same from his family. He took great lengths and sacrifices to come to America, and he took his new citizenship seriously. English was to be to spoken in his house, because English was (and is, or at least should be) the language of AMERICANS. Not white, not black, not red, not yellow - ENGLISH IS THE LANGUAGE OF AMERICA.

Now those who choose to picket and protest and call me and many others (and I guess my great grandfather too) intolerant, prejudice and hateful for wanting English to be America's official language - well then, so be it. But I know when I visit France I do not expect them to cater to me, or Germany, or even Mexico (which I make it a point not to visit) - I am intelligent and courteous enough to know that I do not expect them to cater to me. I am a visitor in their country. So with all these illegals who claim to be 'immigrants' and NOT Americans (and the definition of immigrant in Websters is: 'a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence' - {not so with the illegals, for their behavior and continued actions of abuse of taxpayers money and bold declaration of 'Hispanic'/Mexican needs and wants, taking jobs, living on welfare, no criminal/vehicle charges brought on many of them because they are illegals, etc.} illegals have made it very clear that they feel they and their needs are superior over Americans). Illegals come to American to partake of the 'freebies' our government gives them graciously out of my as well as your paychecks, they feel in no way to become apart of this country - they show no support for this country - all they want is what they can get  - and expect America and Americans to conform to their needs and wants, and feel no need or desire to speak or learn the language of America (English!) - why? Because clearly they have no interest in becoming American (that means they would have to pay taxes and follow our laws!), they have no interest in becoming assets to America, and they have no interest or care for Americans at all - as long as they can get ALL they can for free. This isn't an opinion - it is fact. How do I know it is fact?  I live in the worst state in America who caters to illegals freely, EVERYDAY, ALL AROUND ME 24/7, 365 DAYS A YEAR - California caters to over 3 million illegals, costing California close to $15 BILLION a year, not million - BILLION (and the economy of California is in jeopardy, but the politicians do not stop giving 'aid' to illegals to help California's deficit now close to $7 BILLION, instead they plan to tax Americans/California's even more and make it impossible for American college students to afford/attend school by raising the cost of schooling/tuition - but they are handing the illegals a FREE school pass). Do I hate, yes, yes I do. I hate the fact that ANY American, no matter the race, sex, color, age, religion is considered a second or even third citizen in a country that is suppose to be their own. In California you can not enter into any establishment where spanish announcements are not put over the intercom, or spanish signs/wording isn't posted up EVERY WHERE to 'help' them live in my country, America, to make it seem more like 'Mexico', to 'help' them/cater to them. And this also costs taxpayers and businesses TONS of money to 'oblige' these illegals to live even more comfortably and responsibility free in a country that they do not support. How nice of the politicians to do so, how considerate of them to put Americans second. I just love my tax dollars to be spent on people who have no accountability and no interest in me, my family, and more importantly -  my country and my fellow countrymen.

Enough is enough.

Sign the petition - English is the official language of America. Does it mean you should stop speaking any other language - NO, OF COURSE NOT. We plan to learn Italian and maybe French in our house. But this is America, and even though it is considered a 'melting pot', this country should never cater to one or more creed or race - WE ARE AMERICANS, WE SHOULD BE ONE. We are all different and have the American right to be so - BUT in no way should Americans have to conform to meet and please the needs of a specific race. My citizenship is ultimately in heaven, my heart for the USA, and I will not stand for those (and their 'causes'/demands) who feel that this nation needs to conform to them/for them -

Hate? Yup, I hate the idea of changing America to something other than America.

So NO MATTER what your political choice is - Democrat, Republican, etc. - SIGN TODAY - PASS ALONG - because the last time I checked I still have the American right to say WHAT I FEEL without being hindered -
is freedom still free for Americans, or is it just free for illegals now?

Do something

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