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Sugar Plum Festival 2013

Sugar Plum Festival 2013
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

~ The Definition of WHIRLWIND ~


Webster's definition for whirlwind...



noun \-ˌwind\
: a very strong wind that moves in a spinning or swirling motion and that can damage buildings, trees, etc.
: something that involves many quickly changing events, feelings, etc.
Full Definition of WHIRLWIND
:  a small rotating windstorm of limited extent
a :  a confused rush :  whirl whirlwind
of meetings>
b :  a violent or destructive force or agency
Pretty much totally describes my life since January 2013. I keep trying to tell myself -  'I'll get there, I'll get caught up, on track, and be at ease with a daily routine...'
but I'm still waiting...!
I had planned to do a lot more art creations for the 4 art shows I will attending this year (first time that I will be attending 4!)...
But my mom got very ill, yet recovered - and we had to make arrangements for home care, changing daily...
I had no kitchen, literally - no appliances, no countertops, no sink - NOTHING - nothing but 4 empty walls, and emptying our pockets with every week that past - struggling to catch up financially and to be able to have an actual kitchen and put our home back together again,
My son came home for a brief summer vacation - we hardly saw him but worried about his mischievous night owl activities (he's a GREAT kid, but alas, he's 19 years old, AND KNOWS EVERYTHING, or so we hear),
I FINALLY got a job after almost 5 years of unemployment (with my OWN determination and efforts, not any help from the current government and administration) - I now work for Hallmark Greetings Cards as a Merchandiser - the hours work around my family, but I haven't managed to be able to clean house as well as I did before, and although hubby mows the yard the weeds remain and dead roses need to be clipped, I miss taking care of my home,
My mom became very ill once again, right at the time of training for my new job - and we were told she had 3 weeks to live - but in actuality it was 3 days from when I had my first and last visit with her with this last hospital stay. And so she passed away,
The first of 4 shows started today - Sugar Plum, Buena Park, Ca. -Sepmeber 19-22. I was unable to finish and bring any of my new creations -oh, a few little new things here and there - but not my art dolls or Dead Headz, so I feel very incomplete,
And I cannot seem to get enough sleep - I feel drained every night, and I get upset if it's because I'm getting older - because frankly, THAT REALLY SUCKS! I don't expect to stay 'young enough' to climb Mt. Everest, I really don't want to anyway - but it would be nice to not force myself to stay awake after the sun goes down,

Still I march forward, still trying and hoping that I will get myself together, get a routine, and be fruitful with all that I do and have to do...
So, yes, it has BEEN A LONG TIME, A VERY LONG JOURNEY, and I hope to post again often - but no promises will I make today. BUT I will say I am hopeful and will try to manage myself and maintain a balance, because I have to in order to have some sanity and to stay on track in following through with my dreams...
So - it's Halloween time (well, for me it's year round - but for the general population it starts now!), and so it begins,
my life gets a do-over now - starting today...

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