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Sugar Plum Festival 2013
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

287 Days to Go! (as of today!)

It has been a lllooooonnnggg time since my last post! WOW! I didn't realize that I was that far behind! DANG!

After the Halloween Show for Sugar Plum things got real busy and hectic - I mean time actually and literally FLEW. With my studio/supplies  growing, my son graduating, my daughter sprouting, my house changing...wow, I'm exhausted just thinking about it! (And PLEASE don't mention the playoff loss of my beloved Packers - RIP).

But, even though we are 3 weeks into January, I want to announce somewhat of a 'new year' resolution!:

So there are, as of today, 287 days till Halloween! Cannot wait!

A I stated, I usually do a Halloween art show in the beginning of October - and you'd think that every year I'd learn and follow my good intentions to be better prepared for it - but my good intentions never come to pass and I run around like a CrAzY person with hot glue burns, glitter and paint on my face, and thread on my clothes like a map of many rivers! And don't get me started on bedtimes during this hectic and magical time - I might as well not sleep!

THIS YEAR is the year where I will make good on my intentions! My goal is to create 30 new Halloween doll creations WWWAAAAYYY before the show - helping me delight early in the merriment of Hallows Eve, avoid any burns and exhaustion - and be better prepared, and to be able to share my ghoulish creations without tardiness!

I plan to blog my progress to keep me on my toes and on schedule.

Currently in my studio to be completed is:

ANNE BOLEYN and MRS. LOVETT (yes, still incomplete from last fall - YIKES!)

..and so it begins!!!

I am also VERY PROUD to announce that I have been accepted as a member of 'Halloween Art Exhibit' with so many fabulous artists! I am so giddy with excitement!!! The artistry of the artists within this group literally makes my mouth drop!

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