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Which Is Your Favorite Tim Burton Movie?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tim Burton's Art Exhibition !

Hubby and I spend a day together enjoying each other's company as well as Tim Burton's twisted and creative art at LACMA yesterday...

This is at the will call area were we picked up our tickets...and so it begins!

 The bummer part of the day at the museum?
The pic above is the last time you were allowed to have your camera out (as well as your phone). This is the entrance to the exhibit - you walk in under the teeth...

So - at the end of the exhibit is a shop of Tim Burton goodies - and there was a complete compilation of ALL of Tim Burton's art works that were on exhibit -
so my adoring hubby bought me an early Christmas present (he knew how much I wanted to take pics of Tim Burton's wonderful creations)...

...so enjoy (some pics are blurry - sorry!)

Many of Tim Burton's works have a wicked sense of humor - you have to chuckle a little!

The detailing on many of his sketches is just fantastic...

In the art book, Tim Burton (as well as his wife, Helena Bonham Carter) state he is a people watcher - almost addicted to it - watching people interact with each other and going about their daily lives...

Wherever he is - here in the USA or throughout the world - he makes time to people watch...scribbling on anything he has accessible to sketch!

This is Joey Ramone (of The Ramones) - Tim Burton grew up listening to punk rock...

He obviously thinks out of the box - and then some!

Love the vivid colors!

His monsters creepy - but yet, you can't look away!

In the book - his wife (Helena Bonham Carter) states that Tim Burton sometimes has a hard time describing what he needs or wants verbally when it comes to character design to creators and actors,  so he takes out his sketch pad and is able to fully describe to everyone exactly what he wants - and all involved receive it just as he see's it! 

This is Tim's Burton's sketching of "The Corpse Bride" (my fav!)  - the creators knew exactly what Tim Burton wanted (and expected!).

His work is a little twisted - sometimes demented (still love it!) - but it has heart!

I'd have to say the biggest amount of exhibit go-ers were in the "Nightmare Before Christmas" room...
something about Jack has everyone excited!

Tim Burton usually just works with inks and watercolors...

Helena Bonham Carter states that Tim Burton is an insomniac - rarely sleeps well -
probably due to the fact his mind is continuously creating and thinking!

Ouch - and yet LOL!

Tim Burton did receive a scholarship to Cal Arts where Disney had just set up a training school there -
he was eventually hired by Disney, but Tim Burton fell into a depression working for Disney due to being told what to draw and not being able to express himself. Disney did not understand Tim Burton's creativity and ideas.
He soon created what he desired to create from his heart on his own...

I'd say a successful decision!

(Don't give up following your dreams my fellow artists!!!)

Love it!


Tim Burton's sketch of the Mad Hatter on how HE wanted the Hatter 'portrayed'.

In Tim Burton's art book Helena Bonham Carter states that many assume that she is offered a role in almost all of Tim Burton's movies - not true.
Tim Burton sketches out everything first - before casting  -
and it sketches everything out as he see's it in his mind. In the end, he looks at his drawings an realizes that his sketching resembles Helena and therefore in his creative mind she is the Red Queen!

Love the Headless Horseman sketch!

Johnny Depp states in the art book that once he saw Tim Burton's drawing of Edward Scissorhands - he grabbed the role - without hardly any other information given! He fell in love with the character/movie the moment he saw Tim Burton's drawing!

Tim Burton actually drew this sketch of Sweeney Todd BEFORE he even met Helena Bonham Carter - but once he dug it out to consider making the movie, he saw the resemblance with his wife and Mrs. Lovett - and so she had to be cast!


To be able to spend it with my beautiful hubby (whooya!)...

See fabulous and twisted art...

To also be able to see props from my fav Tim Burton movies :
  • the puppets used in "Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Corpse Bride"
  •  the HUGE scarecrow statue used in "Sleepy Hollow"
  • the costumes from "Batman" and "Edward Scissorhands"
  • the crazy carousal hat used in "Beetlejuice" 
...just LOVED IT.

The crowds, not so much - but next time (and advice to you if you desire to go), we won't wait so long to see it - try going a few weeks after it comes out.  (or not so close to Halloween).

If your a die hard and have to go now it ends Oct. 31st - you have to buy your tix on-line! The other bummer is the museum doesn't open early on weekdays (but does open earlier on weekends).

Be sure to use parking lot off of Spaulding - it is right across the street from the museum and is only $10 with validation.

A must see for all Tim Burton fans!

AND this book of art of Tim Burton...A MUST!

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