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Saturday, June 1, 2013

~My Recent Movie Rentals Reviews~

For the past few years I really have grown a distaste for going to the movie theaters. 

I hate paying $10-$13 bucks a person for a movie that may be questionable in the area of enjoyment (and these prices are for NON 3D movies, which runs $15-$17 per person).

I also hate when people allow their kid's to run around the movie theater, climb on the seats inside the movie theater, play and swing on the bars near the front seats in the movie theater - as if its a playground. I paid damn good money to see a movie, and that's what I expect everyone else to do in the theater - watch the movie. Not bring your kids so YOU can watch the movie and allow YOUR kids to run amuck, and disrupt everyone else's movie watching enjoyment because: 

A) you couldn't find a sitter
B) you can block your kids out and expect everyone else too
 C)  you really don't give a rat's a**
 D) you just to friggin' stupid
 E) all of the above. 

I have witnessed myself parents allowing their kid's to walk on the arm rests from one end of the row to the other - reported it. I've witnessed and had 2 kid's swing and swing on the bar in front of me, talking and screaming while the movie is playing, totally ignoring the movie - while the parents totally ignore their kids disruptive behavior - reported it, and the parents had the nerve to get mad at me! And I've had kid's constantly kick and kick and kick the back of my seat - turned around and said very loud for them to knock it off, again the parents get mad at me and say "He's only a little kid". Hey, here's some advice (if your this type of parent and grandparent, and if he/she is 'only a kid'):

That way your kid be 'in the luxury and comfort' of home can climb, scream, play, even start a fire without disturbing others. Yea, this is a big issue for me and pisses me off everytime - people are sooooooo stupid. The world does not need or have to 'adapt' or accept your kid's behavior -  teach your kid's manners - it's not that hard.

The other thing I hate in movie theaters is CELL PHONE USE. Did you come to watch a movie, or play on Twitter in the dark? Your not that important - put your friggin' phone away. Dumb a**es, I swear.

So this is why usually I wait and rent - I don't deal with the degenerates in the movie theaters, cost 85% less than going to the theaters, I can eat whatever I want and for way cheaper, and it's quiet and enjoyable. Yea, I miss the big openings, but I receive full enjoyment from not having any dumba**es in the theater along with their monster children - and if I hate the movie I only wasted $3.00 and 2 hours of my night!

So now that I expressed myself (and the truth) - on with the reviews!

Maybe it can help you decide which one to rent this weekend!

Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters

Entertaining - the "F" word is said 5 times in the movie - 3x by Gretel and 2x by Hansel - the witches never cuss surprisingly (this is if you were wondering to watch it with your kids!). The special effects are good, some gross, but not overboard. Has a little twist to it. Worth the rental fee - not worth a theater admission.

The Great and Powerful Oz

Ya know the saying 'you can't judge a book by it's cover'? Well, that was true for me with this movie. I do not like James Franco at all. He looks high all the time, and acts like it too. Didn't see it in the theaters because of him, although I was still drawn to story of Oz, witches, and magic. So I decided to wait to rent it. I LOVED THIS MOVIE. It was quite enjoyable, loved the story - everything from Oz's past is reconciled in Oz with different but the same characters (hard to explain without giving too much info!) - RENT IT, RENT IT, RENT IT. Starts a little slow, but the story and background of Oz himself has to be explained. Mila Kunis overacts a little, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams do a great job, and James Franco does well. My favorite character (as well as my daughter's) is China Doll, the young actress that does her voice nails it, and the CG/design on her is so very beautiful - we want a doll that looks just like her! Rent it, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Worth the movie theater cost!

Warm Bodies

My daughter wanted to see this in theaters, I was reluctant because zombies eating people is not my thing. So when it came out on video I couldn't handle her begging me anymore to see it and she kept reminding me we didn't see it when it came out in theaters. It was a good movie, not great - but enjoyable. Funny, not as gross as I was anticipating - but then again I hid behind a pillow when the zombies were attacking the humans. A few cuss words at the end - and if you watch the gag reels there is a lot of cussing. I feel it was not worth the movie theater cost, but definitely a rental to enjoy.

Enjoy your weekend, be safe - don't forget to enter in my giveaway (it's a free goodie!). 

Monday we will continue learning even more about Disney's The Haunted Mansion!

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