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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

~Our Travels Through Disney's The Haunted Mansion Rides-The Ballroom and Attic!~

Today our journey continues through Disney's The Haunted Mansion Ride(s) - we enter into the Ballroom today, where many of the mansion's 'guests' seem to be enjoying their lives after death...

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

The Ballroom

The Ballroom:

All parks (except Disneyland Paris)
After leaving the Seance circle, guests arrive at a balcony overlooking festivities below in a ballroom, with a number of ghosts dancing and making merry. Ghosts are seen entering the room through a broken door, where a hearse is crashed with its coffin sliding out. Eerie wraiths are seen flying in and out of the windows above. A merry ghost is seen sitting atop the mantle of a fireplace (spitting out green flames) with his arm wrapped around a familiar bust. An elderly ghost is seen rocking back and forth in a chair while knitting a sweater. Many ghosts have gathered around a dinner table, where a birthday ghost is blowing out 13 candles on a cake. A ghost can be seen at the far end of the table. A massive chandelier hangs above the table where a couple of drunks are swinging about, hanging on with their canes. Another balcony is seen across the room, where a curtained doorway is situated between two portraits of duelists. From time to time, the ghosts of the two duelists appear and shoot each other with their shotguns. A number of elegantly dressed couples are seen below, waltzing to a haunting version of the song "Grim Grinning Ghosts", played on a large organ. The organ is played by a ghostly gentleman while skull-like banshees fly out of the organ pipes. At Walt Disney World, shortly after the 2007 refurbishment, one of the sinister 11 portraits was relocated here. Also for the 2007 rehab, the ghosts' lights used to create the Pepper's Ghost effect were replaced with more accurate, long beam focus lights. At Disneyland, the organ is the actual prop of Captain Nemo's organ that was used in the film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. While the organ console remains the same, a bat-shaped note stand at the console has replaced the oval mirror and a new taller set of pipes replaced the original pipe arrangement in the film to better compliment the dimensions of the room and to fit with the ghostly effect of skulls pouring out of them. At the other parks, the organ is a replica of the original.

Disneyland Paris:
At Paris, the table is set for a wedding party. Melanie (the bride) is seen standing on the staircase, upset, while the Phantom looks on from a window, laughing. Most of the rest of the ballroom is identical to the other versions.

The Attic

The Attic

The Doom Buggies pass portraits of wealthy men, each standing next to the same bride. A ghostly pianist (which, like the music room in Walt Disney World, is in fact the Ghost Host, but never mentioned) is seen banging the keys on an old run-down piano, playing a grim version of Richard Wagner's Bridal March.
The grooms' heads disappear from their shoulders in rhythm with the bride's loud heartbeat. For each husband the bride marries, she gains a strand of pearls.
Eventually, the Doom Buggies come across the bride herself, with a blueish-green hue, uttering her wedding vows in a slow, ominous voice. Halfway through each of her vows, an axe appears in her hands, disappearing before she starts her next vow.

Walt Disney World:
Very similar to the attic at Disneyland, except that the piano player can be heard but not seen. A reverb effect has also been added to the music. The bride is now also a blueish-white hue and holds a hatchet with deep scratch marks.

Tokyo Disneyland :
Upon entering the attic, a loud heartbeat resonates throughout the room, followed by the screams of skeletal ghosts which pop up from among various bric-a-brac. At the end of the attic stands a blue, pale-faced bride whose heart glows red; she holds a candle stick.

The Boudoir (Disneyland Paris)

The Doom Buggies enter the Bride's Boudoir. Melanie is now an old woman and sits in front of a skull-shaped mirror, crying. Following the Bride's Boudoir, Phantom Manor follows a different series of scenes from the standard scenes of the regular Haunted Mansions.

Tomorrow we conclude our hauntly ride as we enter into the Graveyard - question is, will we ever get out once we enter in...

Only one way to find out!!!

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