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Sugar Plum Festival 2013
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Friday, May 31, 2013

~Lil' Abbey's Attic's June Giveaway!~

It's here!
My June Giveaway!
I think my first Giveaway!!
And not my last Giveaway!!!

I have a box of goodies that I'd like to share with my Followers and fellow Bloggers, and here is the first of many of the giveaways and goodies that will be 'bestowed' on the lucky individual whose name will be chosen on:

~JUNE 15th~

I will be having another Giveaway right after the first, so hang in there if you didn't win the first time! 

As I said I have loads of goodies - more beehives, stitcheries, rag dolls and maybe even some of my art dolls!

So let's 'get this party started'!!!

Here are the rules/whatcha need to do to participate!:

  • You must be a Follower of my Blog - if your already a Follower, EXCELLENT! If your not currently a Follower you must be one to be entered in the Giveaway!

  • You must post your a favorite tradition you do every summer! (along with your first name and your blog name/info)

  • You must Post my Giveaway on your Blog! (if you don't have a blog, sorry - you cannot participate!)-Copy and paste my Giveaway Image (above) on your blog, along with this link (copy and paste and link on my Giveaway Image and in the post): www.lilabbeysattic.blogspot.com 

Again - all names will be collected and 1 name will be chosen on June 15th!

Here is the first goodie for the Giveaway! 
It is a Beehive Shelf Sitter - painted, stitched and shaded - tagged BEES WANTED - APPLY WITHIN,
 7 1/2 inches X 8 inches. 
The goodie and shipping is on me!
My beloved cat, Chunky Monkey, will be choosing the winner - each name will be written on a piece of paper that I will crunch into a ball, throw them on the floor and the first one he attacks will be the winner!

I will be checking blogs to see if my Giveaway is posted on it!!!

This is too fun!

1 comment:

Jaja said...

Thanks for the giveaway chance, I posted it on my blog and am signing again as requested. Good Luck everyone, this is fun! Summer time is sewing time for me in the a/c

Blessings, Jaja
tjlburke at gmail dot com