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Sugar Plum Festival 2013
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Thursday, May 9, 2013

~Disneyland Ventures That Never Happened-Part 2~

Here is a list of properties that Disneyland had ideas and/or plans to build and create - but never fell through...

  • Disney's Snow Crown - A Disney-themed ski resort at Mineral King, Ca.

  • Disneyland Bowl - A 5,000 seat outdoor amphitheatre suitable for concerts and other live events, planned for the Disneyland Resort. It would have been located along Harbor Boulevard in Anaheim.

  • Disneyland Center - A retail, dining and entertainment area along a 6-acre (24,000 m2) lake, with buildings modeled after memorable Californian landmarks such as Catalina's Avalon Ballroom, Venice Beach's Boardwalk and San Diego's Coronado Hotel. Its design would eventually evolve into Downtown Disney.

  • Lava Lagoon - A Polynesian-themed indoor waterpark planned for Disneyland Paris, to be built under a glass dome.

  • National Harbor - A 500-room resort/time-share hotel at planned for Washington D.C.'s National Harbor.

Tomorrow I will be Disneyland Resorts that were never known because they never happened!

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