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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

~Disney Theme Park Lands That Never Happened!~

Forgive me for my absence on Monday - we are in the final stages of having a brand new kitchen installed and I had some catching up to do on painting!

Sunday of course was Mom's Day and I sat down all day and was served! My beautiful hubby make me Pasta Alfredo with mixed veggies, with buttered lobster tail - YUM YUM (and I mean my hubby!!!).

Anyway - here are lists of Disney Theme Park Lands that were planned on design boards - but never made the cut! I wish a few of them had been a reality! Some I am REAL GLAD that they don't exist - yikes!

The years next the the named land are the development years...


Lilliputian Land 1953–1955 - A land that was to be located north of Tomorrowland east of Fantasyland. Everything would have been constructed on a greatly reduced scale.

International Land 1953–1959 - A land that was to be located north of Tomorrowland west of Fantasyland. This land would represent different cultures of the world. However the plans were scrapped when Disney needed more room for the Matterhorn and the Submarine Voyage. However International Land eventually became the inspiration for World Showcase at Epcot.

Discovery Bay 1973–1976 - A Jules Verne-inspired land to be located on the far side of the Rivers of America in Frontierland. It was inspired by the 1974 film The Island at the Top of the World, but after the film bombed at the box office the idea was abandoned. However the ideas went to Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris.

Mythia Unknown - A land inspired by Greek and Roman myths and legends.

Tomorrowland 2055 - 1993–1994 - An update and makeover of Tomorrowland with a more Extraterrestrial theme, (2055 is the centennial of Disneyland). However after Disneyland Paris failed the project was abandoned due to budget cuts.

Hollywoodland 1988–1994 - In 1988, after the success of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the title character (Roger Rabbit) to become a well recognized Disney cartoon character, reaching the status of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. The imagineers decided to build a movie themed land (similar to Disney Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort) south of Tomorrowland and west of Main Street, U.S.A.. The sign resembling the Hollywood Hills sign would have been placed on Space Mountain. However after Disneyland Paris failed, the plans were rejected due to budget cuts. However, "Hollywoodland" paved the way for Mickey's Toontown.

"Big City USA" 1976–1984 - A New York-themed area where Mickey's Toontown now sits; it was to have featured a big Broadway-style theater that presented live stage shows every day. This idea became the inspiration for the American Waterfront at Tokyo DisneySea.

World Holiday Land 1976–1984 - A European-themed area located directly below New Orleans Square and beyond the berm that would have included a thrill attraction with a Bavarian theme. Other possible attractions included a Scandinavian folklore attraction, a medieval England-oriented show, a CircleVision 360 theatre with a world travel theme, and another indoor theatre with international live stage shows. Food facilities such as a Bavarian waitress service, an old English pub, a French sidewalk cafe and a gourmet snack shop would provide the necessary atmosphere, while small artisan and souvenir shops would be themed to the various European areas.

Edison Square 1958–1964 - This would have been a sidestreet expansion to Main Street USA, themed around the addition of electricity into American homes. It would have featured a statue of Thomas Edison and a show about harnessing electricity. This idea eventually became the basis of The Carousel of Progress, and Discovery Arcade in Disneyland Paris.

Liberty Street 1958–1965 - This would have been a sidestreet expansion to Main Street USA, themed around an American town circa 1776. It would have featured shops, The Hall of Presidents, a beautiful bay scene, and recreations of famous American landmarks. This idea would later be brought to life in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom as Liberty Square, and as Liberty Arcade in Disneyland Paris

Epcot World Showcase, Florida 

Costa Rica Pavilion - A Costa Rican-themed area.

Equatorial Africa Pavilion - This pavilion would have mixed tribal dances and shows with African artwork in a recreation of an African village. A film hosted by Alex Haley was to be featured. Souvenir maps and a TV special on EPCOT Center's opening announced that the pavilion would open in 1983. It was never built due to budget and lack of sponsorship from suitable African nations; offers from South Africa were refused because of the country's apartheid system. However, many ideas for this land later appeared in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Iran Pavilion - This was originally planned to be the largest and central pavilion and would have included a mall (in the design of a bazaar), a restaurant, a recreation of Golestan Palace (with an animated boat ride through it depicting Persian history), and a recreation of Persepolis. Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi agreed to fund the project. It reached the final stages of approval but was later cancelled after the Shah of Iran was overthrown by the Islamic Fundamentalist Regime and lost all financial support for the project.

Israel Pavilion - Advertised on billboards when EPCOT opened, this would have recreated ancient Jerusalem with a courtyard stage and open-air restaurant. It remained unbuilt because of budget problems and security issues regarding the state of Israel.

Soviet Union Pavilion - Planned in the early 1990s, this would have been placed between China and Germany and dominated by a recreation of Red Square. The center building would have housed a sled-like ride showing the Russian landscape based on Russian folk tales. There also would have been a unique show blending film, Audio-Animatronics and a live actor that would showcase Russian history.
It reached the final stages of approval but was later cancelled due to the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Spain Pavilion - Also advertised on billboards circa 1986, this pavilion would have featured a boat ride similar to Mexico, with a design blending elements of Barcelona and Madrid. Also planned were a film on Spain's history and a restaurant.

Switzerland Pavilion - Planned primarily to bring a Matterhorn Bobsleds-style ride to Epcot.

United Arab Emirates Pavilion - This pavilion would have paid tribute to the Middle East with a magic carpet ride attraction and a show focusing on how the Middle East paved the way for various ways of life and science.

Venezuela Pavilion - This pavilion would have included a waterfall, a high-rise built into a cliff, and an aerial tram ride.

Disney's Animal Kingdom, Florida 

Beastly Kingdom - A "myths and legends"-themed land planned for Disney's Animal Kingdom. It was replaced by Camp Minnie-Mickey due to budget cuts. Much of the land designated for use by Beastly Kingdom will now be used for the forthcoming Avatar Land.

Hong Kong Disneyland 

Frontierland - Like the other Disney parks, Hong Kong Disneyland was to have a frontier-themed land, but these plans were scrapped for budget reasons. However, a similar land called Grizzly Gulch opened in summer 2012.

Toon Town - A much more advanced version than its sisters in the other Disney parks. This area would have featured a roller coaster, an animatronic show, character houses, and character meet-and-greets. It may have become the idea for Toon Studios at Walt Disney Studios Park.

Tomorrow will be Disney Attractions that were planned, considered and then POOF - never happened!

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