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Sugar Plum Festival 2013
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

~ Wanted: Monster High Cupid Doll ~


Monster High Cupid Doll 

Last and only one to complete the collection my daughter and I have started!

Yes, I even have the newest Catrine DeMew!

But the is Cupid Doll is so elusive! Yikes!
And, yes, of course I could get her today for $40 to $60 - but I'm not paying that for a vinyl doll that normally sells for under $20!!! 
(She's not Handmade!!!!)

So - if you are out shopping one day and lo' and behold come across the Monster High Doll aisle and see the Cupid Doll right there - PLEASE grab her, contact me, and I will pay you (remember, she's regularly under $20 - and that's what I'll pay!) plus the s/h costs!

I think it would be easier to find proof that Bigfoot and Leprechauns exist!

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