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Sugar Plum Festival 2013

Sugar Plum Festival 2013
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~ Etsy Shoppe ~
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Sweet and sinister!
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

~ Some Posted Yesterday & More Today ! ~

As I mentioned yesterday - I would be posting more listings on items and creations that are just sitting in tubs in my studio - and I thought they are doing nothing just sitting! 
So let's post 'em up and find them a home!

At first I never wanted to do Etsy - I thought it was like Ebay - list, post, get charged, no sale - and people asking you for deals/trying to make deals after the auction is over. And some in the same art form as mine aren't very warm on Ebay - not a community spirit you could say. I've tried countless times to become a member of Halloween Doll Artists/Creation groups and I don't even receive an e-mail telling me no - I just get nothing! (which speaks volumes thank you very much!). But I won't and don't let that hinder me!

BUT I couldn't have been more wrong about Etsy! Set up is easy - they really promote my shoppe, there's no cost to having a shop, and more importantly - there is a community of artists that support one another - no back stabbing, no whining, no murmuring - just artists supporting one another in passion for art, goals, and efforts.

Thank you to all my fellow artisans at Etsy (and anywhere else who have this kind of spirit!).

I know many artists feel their work is being duplicated and copied, and ya know what - IT IS!

I have had my work attempted to be copied more than I can count - but their efforts are fruitless and never come close to my creations - because it wasn't from their heart and lacked complete imagination, because they didn't use any - their goal was just to copy.
 I DO NOT HOLD THE COMPLETE COPYRIGHT TO HALLOWEEN ART DOLLS!! I don't! Wish I did, but I don't! That's reality! 
I do not in anyway copy other peoples work - there might be an idea I might try to help creating easier/better, but my work is my own and I see that when I view other peoples work - my creations are very different and truly unique. 
I am always evolving with my creations, hence, people can try to duplicate, but they really can't because it's not really them expressing themselves. I would suggest to those who try to duplicate other artist's work to FIND YOURSELF in your own work - not through someone else's!

Enough said...let's move on!

Please feel free to clean out my shoppe - so I can make room for more stuff to create!
Lil' Halloween Boxes!

Halloween Decorative Cones!

Halloween Glass Candy Jars

Halloween Rag Balls

Halloween Goodies!

More to come...!

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