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Sugar Plum Festival 2013
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Saturday, April 13, 2013

~ Simple and Sweet Halloween Decorating Ideas ! ~

Some easy Halloween decorating ideas!

I fear spiders the most! But this house looks so cool decorated with large ones all over it - simple, frighting, yet appealing! These spiders run between $10 to $20 a piece - but the presentation looks like it would cost more! Well done!

What an easy project! Just paint thread cones or glue tissue paper candy corn colors on them- you can even glitter them up as well!

HOW EASY!! How cute!! Piper cleaners and those lil' $1.00 pumpkins you see in the grocery store that you always wonder, 'What's the purpose for that lil' pumpkin?' - well here ya go!

Tacking or gluing felt and/or cloth materials for the pumpkin faces!


I love this idea - I think I posted it last year too - but I just absolutely love the tree, moon, and stars cut outs on the porch pumpkins...

How clever - and easy!

Great idea! Takes a special eye though to place them just right!

Easy, spooky, and pleasing! And your kid's can enjoy the balls after Halloween is over! 2 uses for the price of one!

Just ribbons and tacks add lots of style to these 2 plain pumpkins!

I think these lil' ghosts domed form were hardened by starching - easy to do. Just buy a bottle of starch - get ping pong balls, cut out cheese cloth pieces, place over the ping pong balls, starch them, let dry - then viola! Lil' spooky ghosts can haunt all over your home!

Very artistic, and can be used for Thanksgiving as well!

Simple plastic jars - lined with colored tissue paper and black construction paper for face designs, then a string of lights placed inside the jars! Make sure they are LED lights and placed away from the paper inside, they don't get very hot to avoid a fire or any type of burning.

I'll search for more ideas to share!

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