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Sugar Plum Festival 2013

Sugar Plum Festival 2013
Dates : Costa Mesa Oct. 3 - 5 and Buena Park Oct. 24 - 27

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Friday, October 5, 2012

New Creation - FioNa THe FuRy HaLLoWeeN FoLK aRT DoLL !

Meet Fiona the Fury!

Furies are known in Roman mythology as goddesses of vengeance. They are also known in Greek mythology as the Erinyes, or curses in human form.

Furies made their homes in the underworld would punish all crime, both personal and those made by society. They existed to torment sinners below. They were unceasing in their hunt for the wicked, those that deserved punishment. The most serious crimes were those against parents. They punished relentlessly, those crimes which could not be reached by man on this realm.

The Greeks and Romans feared even to say their name outloud. Instead, they found it safer to refer to them as the Kindly Ones or the Venerable Goddesses. Their justice was accepted as cruel and wicked, but ultimately fair in judgement and severity.

The waists of the Furies were entwined with serpents and their eyes dripped with blood, rendering their appearance rather horrific. Other depictions show them with the wings of a bat or bird and the body of a dog.

My version of a Fury though is easy on the eyes however! Her eyes are red with blood - but the body of a dog? I think not!

Anyway - she can be seen flying and eyeing those who are guilty at Sugar Plum Halloween Costa Mesa!


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