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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

PARANORMAN - NOT a family movie - 100% video rental!

Haven't seen ParaNorman yet, but want too? DON'T!!! PASS, PASS, PASS!

My daughter and I went to see this movie this past week - we were so excited because we love to see fun and spooky kid movies, and especially ones that are stop motion animation. But this movie is a DUD.

And not family orientated as far as I am concerned, as well as my 13 year old daughter's opinion.

We were both disappointed - especially when this movie is advertised as the 'family, fun film of the year'. The theater had 4-8 year olds within the theater - my daughter was the oldest one there (besides the parents in the theater).

The movie had too much dialogue, had bad words, sexual content, and the story line to complicated for children to fully understand.

Why those who supposedly make family movies feel it is necessary to add bad language is beyond me. All the foul language was completely unnecessary and did not add to the film/was not funny in anyway. In ParaNorman there is a scene where his uncle's ghost makes Norman swear/promise he will complete a mission, Norman replies "You want me to say the 'F' word" - how stupid, why should parents have to explain what this means to little ones who have no idea what this means?! (or hopefully don't understand).

Sexual content - quite frankly I do not care if I offend anyone by stating my opinion and beliefs. In ParaNorman, Norman's older sister is attracted to his little friend's older brother. There's a scene where she is looking for Norman, goes to Norman's friend's house, and his older brother answers the door in just a towel with her salivating and trying to touch his abs - then as he walks away and says he's going to get dressed she gets upset (not funny for kid's, again not necessary). Then there's a scene where another boy Norman's age, the school bully, grabs Norman's sister's butt - WTHeck? Another scene shows Norman's little friend watching and pausing his mom's exercise video staring at a woman's butt 12 inches from the TV screen drooling - ha ha NOT. And finally the worst of the worst, at the very end Norman's sister finally asks the 'hunky' older brother out to a movie, his reply to her, "Let me ask my boyfriend, he loves chick flicks"...?????!!!!!! WHAT???!!! My daughter turned to me and looked just as shocked and offended as I was - and it's my and her American right to feel so.

Even if I put my Christian ethics aside, why does homosexuality have to be shoved into kid's movies? Why? It is not necessary whatsoever. There is no need. I take my kid's to see a movie for entertainment purposes,
not to be what those call "to educate" my children on sexuality - I'll take that responsibility, there is no need for movies to do so. As well as the simple fact of  ITS SUPPOSE TO BE A KID'S MOVIE -
what is funny or entertaining to a child about homosexuality/sexuality?... NOTHING!

Ya know, I'd rather see a kid's movie full of farting, burping, puking, booger picking and eating rather than a movie where I have to explain sex/sexuality to my child because the movie creators/producers felt so lead to ensure I 'educate' my child in those areas - hey, thanks, but no thanks - I take care of that responsibility just fine on my own as a parent. 

We paid $20 admission plus $18 in food/drink, $38 total just to hear foul language, explain clothes-less boys and butt grabbing and watching, and expose my child to embrace and accept homosexuality as funny and acceptable - not here, not now.

I think it's still America (although I do live in California - yikes), and we have a choice to choose what to accept and what not to accept.

BUT how about making a kid's movie about kid's for kid's, and not what others feel children should know and be exposed too - I have an 18 year old, and believe me, there is plenty of time and issues that will expose him to all sorts of sexuality in films, books, school, and the world - so why not leave the little ones out of this 'agenda'.

Whew - that's was a lot to say, eh?!

Anyway - in short - pass on ParaNorman for the family. But if you like looking at the art of stop motion (which I do too) then wait till it comes out on video. I will say the stop motion and the sets of this movie were mesmerizing to watch - but not worthy of the admission and almost 2 hours in the theater - and definitely not worth exposing my daughter too...


(I hope Frankenweenie is better!)

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