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Which Is Your Favorite Tim Burton Movie?

Friday, May 18, 2012


 Just got back from the movie theater -
Finally saw my movie pic of this month, "Dark Shadows" with Johnny Depp (my favorite actor!), Helen Bonham Carter (she's the red head in the film), directed by Tim Burton (my favorite artist!!).
 So is it a thumbs up?
Was it worth 10 bucks? (I actually paid $6, the matinee fee!).
Well if your a Johnny Depp fan as well as a Tim Burton fan...
It was worth seeing and paying for!
 Johnny COMPLETELY stole the movie (of course!).
He always seems to become every character he plays - that's why I am such a big fan of his movies!
Yes, the clips probably look somewhat campy, but after hearing an interview with Tim Burton, that's exactly what Johnny and Tim were going for.
 Now, this movie does not compare with other Johnny Depp/Tim Burton movies - for example "Sleepy Hollow", also somewhat campy, is one of my favorite Halloween movies, as well as Depp/Burton movies. I loved the darkness of it, the spookiness, the humor, the fake blood gushing, heads rolling, and the macabre!
"Dark Shadows" has all of this too, but there was also a lot of dialogue and explaining. Probably because today's generation isn't familiar with the "Dark Shadows" TV series. Everyone is somewhat familiar of the story of the Headless Horseman, the legend of Sleepy Hollow - so Johnny and Tim could dive right into that movie - not so with "Dark Shadows" - not very well known.
I enjoyed it,and watching Johnny at work is always enjoyable!
Other actors to praise is Michelle Pfeiffer, Helen Bonham Carter (not a big role), the little boy, and Jackie Earle Haley (the caretaker) - the least one I liked (acting wise) was the teenage girl, and, without giving anything away, she doesn't pull off one of the surprises toward the end.
 There are other surprises toward the end - small, here and there.
Nothing is at the end of the end of the credits - so don't wait.
Although, the ending does leave a sequel possibility - and they might as well, because all the characters now have been introduced and the storyline explained.
 I would completely suggest that children under 15 not see it - due to some suggestive sex scenes. Nothing is seen, but it is what the scene suggests that it leads too...just a thought for you and your kid's (my rule is if I see something that I may have to explain, best to hold off till they are mature enough to handle it and not feel uncomfortable).
A definite THUMBS UP for Depp and Burton fans...
If your neither, shame on you - and I would recommend not seeing it, and shame on you!

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